How we rang in the New Year Posted: 1/7/23

We debuted a NEW, AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLY, AWESOME website of course! We are so proud to introduce you to this piece of us. This started with an interview discussion, meetings, ideas on scratch paper, presentations, budgeting, vision boards, journal entries, demos, the contract signing and training. is another member of our team.

This website brings the flow of our themed blues and green hues developed during our redesign almost 10 years ago but adds black tones and whites to give it the sleek essence for reading. There are new fonts, new design features and photos galore. (Our fav feature is when our fans snap an amazing Morehead photo, we can make them famous by featuring their name with this photo!!!!) Yes friends, we listened and listened well……our visitors asked for simplicity. The site is simple to navigate and since we are marketing peeps, we made it just as simple to get lost in the site exploring and planning your next adventure – Off the Beaten Path.

Now enough about the website, let me give a shout out to my partner in crime, our Visitor Operations Director Paige Swartz. She has entered data, re-checked data, learned, trained, listened to my crazy ideas and still greeted each of you in-person, thru email or on social media. There are also many thanks to the rest of the team for their support of food, words of wisdom, looking over designs, helping with other day-to-day tasks and so much more! Thank you, Bob, Jamie and Ashley!!!) It’s just what we do. We love our visitors, work hard as a team and it shows!

Now sit back, be patient as there will be quirks along the way but for now, smile and enjoy with us because our new team member has arrived!